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    Close to one another in distance learning
    Our video stream distance learning system blurs the boundaries between traditional education and online learning.

Enclosed Learning

Enclosed Learning provides a comprehensive solution for our partners through a range of learning-friendly convenience features and a wide range of education delivery support services. Whether it is about using pre-made video learning materials for live lessons or complex university-level training, distance is no longer an obstacle!


Digital education

Our digital, experiential learning solution opens up the world and helps our partners become global players in the education market. Five years of experience and expertise in video-stream development has given us the foundation for our custom-built education system that is leading the way to the future of education.


University education

The given institution can significantly expand its possibilities, as up to 100% of theoretical training can be delivered online. Foreign students can be trained in their own country without having to pay for travel or local living costs. It is also possible to include students who cannot attend in person for political or religious reasons. It facilitates the integration of lectures by foreign professors into the course. It can contribute to raising the level of delivery of traditional forms of training through recorded lectures and digital tools. It allows for the creation of a free university, the sharing of free lectures or the sale of courses.


Corporate education

Do you want to be sure that your colleagues and suppliers know your company’s policies and are up to date with the latest technologies and procedures? Enclosed Learning can ensure it. Enclosed Learning can deliver live, unified training without the need for training in-house. It can also enable automated enrolment and assessment of acquired knowledge, the accumulation of credit points, the delivery of online lectures and meetings, the secure storage and sharing of restricted professional content, and the professional validation of the supplier and reseller circle.


Education centres

Do you want to grow as an education centre in a highly competitive market? With Enclosed Learning, you can easily serve students from foreign cities or states, economically attract renowned foreign lecturers, raise the service level of traditional onsite training, provide higher quality education, hold accredited and official training, deliver mass training at lower fees, register credits, and provide full educational project management and administration.


Teaching arrangements

Enclosed Learning provides a comprehensive solution for our partners with a range of learning-friendly convenience features and a wide range of education delivery support services.

Whether it is about the use of pre-made video teaching materials or live lessons, from a one-off training course to a complex university-level course, distance is no longer an obstacle. Our digital, experiential learning solution opens up the world and helps our partners become global players in the education market.

The instructor can use the system to create courses and upload related lectures, course materials and tests. A key strength of the system is that it is very easy to conduct live training as a small group consultation or as a lecture for up to several hundred people.

  • Educational functions
  • Key benefits
  • Areas of use

Educational functions

Our system’s educational features include course recording and note taking, as well as high quality video and audio calling, with a range of useful add-ons such as: presentation view, collaborative digital drawing board or even management of multiple video and image sources. With Enclosed Learning, teachers, students and staff alike can enjoy unprecedented convenience.


Key benefits

The modular design of the system allows for easy customisation and scalability, ensuring excellent value for money.
We provide full access management for the browser-accessible (desktop and mobile) user-friendly system.
Integrated technologies within one platform, plugin-free solutions.
The system’s application is capable of secure data exchange and backend communication via various protocols (restAPI, SSE protocols and JWT token-based authentication).
On the administrative side, the system provides easy-to-understand statistics and logs.
The system app can either update itself or update via the Google Play store.
Support for offline and online synchronisation in certain functions (e.g.: view course materials, create assignments, exams, edit notes).


Areas of use

Within the system, it is possible to hold and record traditional lessons and lectures and share the recorded material. The fully automated creation of video courses and training materials is possible within the framework. Education can be made more colourful by creating live, interactive lessons and consultations. Simple and multi-subject courses can be created and managed easily, and the platform is suitable for accredited and regulatory training.


General benefits of online education


Online learning reduces travel, accommodation and other material costs. It makes it possible to share learning materials between courses, schools and subsidiaries.


The central control of content and information, the same quality of content and education for all are available as well as measurable student activity, accurate online tests, and exams.


The lessons can be accessed and retrieved at any time, and the material can be revisited and repeated as many times as you like. Thanks to digital solutions for teaching, the processing of material is made easier.

Looking to the future

It increases students’ technological skills, enables collaboration and group work, supports students’ independence and increases participation and activation.